One less Phone to answer

  • 引述 :『First, Europe (and Asia) is not one market with a couple of operators (carriers). They are a hodgepodge of markets with about a hundred significant operators. Each will require testing and verification (network specs vary, even on a global standard like GSM). Each will have local rules on subsidies. 』
  • 引述 :『上個禮拜二,在Apple新產品發表會上,許多人期待的行動電話並不在新產品的名單中,除了考慮優良的工業設計外,Apple真的適合推出行動電話產品嗎?我們這一次就要討論這個話題。』
  • 引述 :『However, while the bundled apps from Apple, Google and Yahoo are a great start, I’m hoping that the iPhone (unlike the iPod) will be opened to third-party developers. With the device being driven by a version of OS X, imagine what the rest of the developer community could bring to the party. If Apple doesn’t go down this road it will leave many a Mac fan (including myself) wanting more.』


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